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Music Distribution
Built well.

Distribute to 240 streaming platforms

  One Time Payment only Rs. 5500

Keep 80% of your royalties

Distribute new music now or move your old music catalog

The fastest connection (same day to go live)

“Sunday Off”

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  • Global music distribution to 120+ platforms
  • Free Unlimited Digital Music Distribution
  • Get Lifetime Membership
  • Reach millions of music users in World
  • Keep 100% of your copyright & 80% Royalties
  • YouTube Content ID
  • Facebook & Instagram Monetize
  • Free barcodes and ISRC codes
  • Free iTunes pre-orders
  • Free delivery to new stores
  • Split share with your team
  • Free pre-saves and release day smart URLs
  • Dedicated support team
  • Royalty Payments direct to your bank account

Release with confidence

Our Artist Success team makes sure that your tracks go live on platforms and stores in as little as 3 days. Our team of experts checks your track metadata and gets your music release-ready, including free ISRC and UPC codes.

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When your revenue is below $500, we will take 25% of the revenue from you. That means you will get 75%.


When your revenue is between $500 and $2000, we will take 20% of your revenue. That means you will get 80% of the revenue from your music products.


When your revenue is between $2000 and $5000, we will take 15% of your revenue. That means you will get 85% of the revenue from your music products.


When your revenue is over $5000, we will take 11% of your revenue. That means you will get 89% of the revenue from your music products.


                 Take control and earn money with our                  Copyright Protection Technology!

You can take many risks and not be able to manage and monetize your songs without this protection.

Uploading your song is just one small step in a vast process. Let us help you!

Many musicians know that distributing their releases to a wide range of music platforms and getting featured on popular playlists helps grow their music on a global scale. Many artists are unaware that protecting their music as it travels the world is equally important, allowing you to retain fans, grow your audience, and earn from your music.

Here at SimMedia, we believe it is essential to inform every artist and label that all music is at risk of being copied on digital platforms such as Spotify, YouTube & YouTube Music, SoundCloud and Amazon Music, without your consent. The good news is, SimMedia offers Copyright Protection to protect all of our client’s releases.

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Youtube Content ID
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Facebook Monetize

How to copyright your music?

Upload Your Music

Upload the music you want us to protect on your distribution account!


We will upload your recordings to metadata.

Get Paid

Leave them there, the money will be yours!

Why Is It Important for Me to Safeguard My Release?

Retain Credit

Unfortunately, plagiarised uses of content are very common in the digital world. As an artist the credit for the creation of your release is important. If you don’t protect your music, you are allowing someone else to steal credit and you can look like you are a fraud.

Increase Earnings

Whenever your music is stolen and released someone else is making money on each and every stream, download or purchase of your work. Here at SimMedia, we know you’ve worked hard for that money and want to see you compensated for your work.

Maintain Authenticity

Your most loyal fans recognise you and your music style, but the audience you are yet to discover won’t! With every single fraudulent copy of your track out in the world, your unique style and authenticity is called into question and this can hinder your growth and future success.

We protect your releases 24/7

Our system ensures that once someone uses your song, it will automatically recognize it and profit you.