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Hello. We’re Sim Media, A Creative Agency Located In Bathinda, Punjab. Take A Look Around & Don’t Be Shy.

Corporate Identity

We help you maintain a consistent brand image in all the communication material,be it offline like letter pad or online like e-mail, newsletter.

Corporate Presentation and Videos

We design amazing text and video presentation for your sales team which is to be used while they go for sales pitching. We conceptualize it in such a manner that it leaves a remarkable impact on the viewer.

Website crafting

We design responsive and user friendly websites which helps in enhancing visitors overall digital experience.

We’re a global creative & media agency

that works differently because

we’re built differently.


Successfully Deliver

It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted themes on the market. Read more below why users keep coming back over and over again.

Social Media Marketing

We have 400+ Instagram & Facebook pages, every page has 100k plus followers and view rate is 88%.

Social Media Marketing

We able to fast your business and website, our best team work on your project and achieve the success.

Client & Sale Targeting

We target your audience across all over the web through Facebook, Google ads and many more platforms. Also YouTube Promotion, Special Punjabi Songs.

Video Promotions

Promote Your videos with Google Ads & Facebook Ads, Generate more traffic and boost your business like rocket.

Oh, & We Blog Sometimes

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