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We are a growing organization with establishing connections and delivering services according to the client’s needs. We adapt ourselves and make ourselves best in delivering services client wishes for in the minimal possible time.

Sim Media provides services such as Website Development, Digital Content Management & Distribution, Online Marketing, Brand Building & Marketing. Our services are being delivered to Artists,  Record Labels, Production Houses, Politicians & Big Brands. Our Services offers tools that enable our client to promote their craft, connect with there audience and for Artists to get their music heard around the world.

Sim Media provides a platform to Artists by which they can make money from there sound recordings, songs, albums and movies ( Producers ) from YouTube, Daily Motion and Bull18 network gives full 100% transparency on Data which is directly accessed by our clients.


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Our Mission

Our objective is to bridge the digital gap between your content and your audience by delivering your content to the maximum audience suitable for your content so that you along with your content can make an impact on the lives of your audience.

  • Logo & Branding
  • UX/UI-design
  • Customer Support
  • Brand Planning
  • Research
  • Social Media Design
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Motion Graphics
  • Style Guides
  • Consulting


We are run by visionaries in the ever-expanding universe of digital content. Meet the faces that make Sim Media what it is – a wholesome solution for your digital presence.

Hashpinder Singh

Hashpinder Singh


Rajat Chaudhary

Rajat Chaudhary


Paras Singla

Paras Singla

Web Developer

Isabella Dowson

Isabella Dowson

Website Designer

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Our Services

Explore our wide range of services delivered by industry experts. We won’t disappoint you in the quality of service or let your trust on us shatter.

Website Development

Increase the reach of your product/service across the globe with the web. Get your product/service upon the web with our industry experts.

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Graphic Designing

We have a graphic design expert team engaged to deliver high-quality original graphics to attract and impress your audience.

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Wanna start a business? From brand name to brand logo to brand website, just relax and leave it on us to build your brand recognition amongst people.

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Content distribution

We provide distribution service for your content across major platforms to independent labels and artists with maximal results.

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Improve your visibility and ranking on the search engines to get more organic traffic on your website through social media websites and search engines.

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Artist Booking

We understand all integrities of booking Artists for your Special Event. We utilize our Vast Experience, to guide you with the best Artist booking Solutions.

Artist Management

Let us help you synchronize your profile on various digital and social platforms, we’ll represent you on all digital and social platforms without a glitch.

Video Distribution & Marketing

We offer video distribution & marketing services for all content creators. This is a great way to reach your target audience and increase your content reach.

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Internet Marketing

We can help you in finding your target audience, measure the interest in your products & services, and finally benefit from all that.

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Blog Posts

Press ReleaseDevelopment

May 8, 2020 by Sim Media

Press Release

The Press Release is a concept that Sim Media believes in to deliver great results by reaching the market and helping your business flourish.

Sim Media can help get your brand the national media coverage on IP portals and first-page search engine visibility. And at the price of what? Just one news story. 

We help deliver the Media Coverage Through Well-Written and Fully Optimized Press Releases that will be directly focusing on your requirements. We write online SEO press releases that serve as news stories and include your company information and everything that you need to get out there in the market. And what better way than doing it through an online portal that will help you get all the traffic as well as boost your recognition. 

Since our inception, we have had a lot of experience and have noticed a trend that online press releases rarely gain traction unless written as a news story. All stories that look self-serving is generally ignored by Journalists and readers online. And a press release written by Bull 18 Network is indistinguishable from a news story by a journalist.

And it is only because of such high-level online public relations exposure that has brought so many brands to work with us.

The Search Engine(SEO) Benefits of Press Releases are: It is a common query that “What does SEO have to do with Press Release?” It’s simple! A well-drafted and focused online press release may appear in the “News Results” section on the search engine.
A keyword-optimized press release will show up on popular searches and increase visibility immediately and will be ultimately benefiting your brand.

Social BookmarkingDevelopment

May 8, 2020 by Sim Media

Social Bookmarking

We’ve taken a peek into the digital universe, and what we’ve discovered is that it’s immense. Each business is one of the millions hoping to succeed online. Digital marketing is a comprehensive strategy for success, but only if you know which tools will help you get there. Social bookmarking is one of the many effective tools you can use to build your brand’s presence online. It takes a village, and social bookmarking helps connect you to yours.
When you share a link in quality Social Bookmarking sites, search engines get a signal that community audience of these sites is liking your posts then automatically Google algorithms take your site to a higher rank in search results. This is how our team will help you generate more revenue and bring an even larger traffic to your website!

Digital MarketingDevelopment

May 8, 2020 by Sim Media

Digital Marketing

Make the most out of your business with our assistance. Let us help you seize opportunities in reaching your target audience better. From strategizing to implementing content customized to your business, we have got you covered. Once you have your business running, it does not mean you can take it easy, you need to monetize.

Contact us, we have all the skills to make your campaign a roaring success, from content marketing, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, pay per click advertising, affiliate marketing and so much more. It takes serious effort to strategize and chart out a marketing campaign. So it makes all the more sense to have the execution of this campaign carried out effectively, in order to engage with the right target audience. We specialize in driving traffic, be it through blogs, e-mails, pay-per-click ads, or social media, in order to reach that audience.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re reaching followers in the millions, Sim Media can help you no matter where you’re at in your career. See what fans are reacting to and generate reports for booking agents & managers with comprehensive social stats. Plus, you can do it all on the go with our interactive team always at your service!

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